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Susannah Johnson, MED

CEO, Individualized Realized

Susannah is a pioneer in personalized learning and a leading expert in bringing student-centered pedagogy to life. Using her proven process, she has coached and guided schools to develop and implement 100% individualized instruction worldwide while supporting change at the classroom, institutional, and legislative levels. Susannah has the unique ability to command and engage a room of a thousand educators while also connecting and empowering individuals, meeting them where they are for nearly 20 years in dozens of countries.

Who's Involved
Who's Involved

Pursuing liberated learning for the individual by the individual, Susannah seeks an education revolution that includes the ultimate in empowered, student-centered learning, and redefining what it means to be an educator. 


For thirteen years in the classroom and through research, Susannah spent a decade at Assets High School developing 100% individualized instruction for core credits grounded in critical thinking, authenticity, purpose, and passion. Susannah received her Master of Education degree in 2016, is a regular presenter at global conferences, and the author of articles about this unique pedagogy.  Making student driven practices accessible to all, with strategies, and in a way that works in communities is how Susannah spends her time with schools and in workshops.  


Susannah continues to pursue knowledge and evolving educational strategies, using her own global explorations to spark ideas in education innovation through Individualized Realized, LLC., consulting services, Personalized Learning Project, teaching global cohorts of learners, and IMPACT Bound, education reimagined. Working in partnership with What School Could Be also helps Susannah fulfill her main aim of igniting passion and purpose in education by meeting schools where they are and mapping out a transformation journey.


Finding a path to follow in any journey boosts the possibility of a successful quest. Critical Thinking guides humanity towards a global mindset that is logical, empathetic, and brave even through challenges and biases. Having the desire and discipline to use specific strategies as a means to cultivate our minds and actions blazes the trail towards an enlightened and reasonable end where we might find exquisite truth.

Education Ethos:

We are all capable of powerful thinking, and it is our human imperative to use learning as means to continually think.  Connected, collaborative, and creative avocations that are in harmony with our world borne out of personal passions allow us to harness our strengths and overcome challenges for truly liberated learning.  

"Before the beginning of great brilliance, there must be chaos." ~ I Ching

Career Highlights

  • Master of Education, Instructional Leadership, Chaminade University 2016

  • Bachelor of Science, Exercise Science, Southern Illinois University, 1995

  • Partner with several education organizations helping to cultivate sustainable innovation strategies through an ever evolving world


Who's Involved

Education Leadership and Publications                     

  • Student driven learning strategy consultant in partnership with Kupu Hou Academy in Hawaii and the Eliad Group of California

  • Partner Presenter with Deeper Learning San Diego, Boston, and the Twin Cities Conferences; Deeper Learning Conference Presenter 2021, “Hawaii’s Education Transformation: A Public, Private, Public Charter & Community Adventure in Deeper Learning” 

  • Hawaii International Dyslexia Association Board Member, 2021 to present

  • Keynote Speaker at the 2022 English Speaking Scholastic Association of the River Plate (ESSARP) in Buenos Aires, and the Revolution in Education Congress 2022: Schools of Purpose, in Chia, Colombia

  • Schools of the Future Conference in Honolulu, HI,  Attendee 2008 - 2019; Presenter 2012-2023

  • International Conference on Critical Thinking through the Foundation for Critical Thinking, Attendee 2016-2019; Presentor 2018-2021

  • Deeper Learning Presentations 2021, 2022, 2023

  • Variations2e  Magazine, Issue 1, Fall 2018, “Individualized Learning for the Twice-Exceptional Learner”

  •, November 16, 2017, “When Students Drive Learning, They Can Do So Much More”

  • Past courses taught: Philosophical Literature, World Geography, Health and Psychology.  Previous courses taught include Geometry, American Literature, Physical Education, Guidance and Culinary Arts; worked one school year teaching fully integrated 7th and 8th grade 

  • Developed integrated curriculum specifically for Twice Exceptional students based on individualized learning plans, projects and differentiated expectations.  Implemented curriculum in Literature and Ethics, Philosophical Literature and Advanced Photography and a Critical Thinking Summer Seminar

  • Serve as a Mentorship Monitor helping to guide students in their off-campus learning and permanent Junior Advisor providing continuity of our School-wide Learning Expectations

  • Advisor for The Alliance group, celebrating diversity; Co-Advisor to Student Advisors for Education (SAFE) 

  • Thirteen years as a teacher in classrooms Pre-K through 12th Grade; Assets School 2008-2019, serving gifted and capable students, specializing in those with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and other language-based learning differences

  • Leading expert in student-centered learning practices

  • World-class keynote and small group presenter

  • Developed and implemented 100% individualized instruction

  • Facilitated education workshops in more than 20 countries and in hundreds of schools

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