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Susannah Johnson

Who's Involved

Susannah is a pioneer in personalized learning and a leading expert in bringing student-centered pedagogy to life. Using her proven process, she has coached and guided schools to develop and implement 100% individualized instruction worldwide while supporting change at the classroom, institutional, and legislative levels. Susannah has the unique ability to command and engage a room of a thousand educators while also connecting and empowering individuals, meeting them where they are for nearly 20 years in dozens of countries.


The Industrial Model of Education is Failing.
Our communities are being deprived of engaged citizens equipped with the skills required to be productive and compassionate, and who have ownership of their learning journey. Consider the following students whose potential remains untapped in the current industrial model:
Even though he struggles with dyslexia as a high school junior, Eddie (student names have been changed) had figured out how to do school well enough to get through his day. He wasn't engaged in most of his classes nor was he doing homework at home, and though he was not yet sure how he wanted to spend his future he did have strong passions in surfing, photography and the beach culture here in Hawaii. Overall, he was tired, bored and felt apathy toward school in general.
Students Forge Their Own Path
The author is a four-time presenter at the Schools of the Future Conference and received her Master of Education degree in 2016. Following many years in the business world, she found her way into the classroom 11 years ago and discovered her true passion. Philosophically, Susannah sees her role in the classroom more as a learning facilitator and co-worker than a traditional teacher. She believes that when students drive their own education, they undergo a dynamic journey of lifelong thinking and learning. She continues to evolve her educational strategies, using her own global explorations to build ideas that drive individualized curriculum in critical thinking for students in Grades 9-12. 
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