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Susannah Johnson, MED

CEO, Individualized Realized

“We are in the business of
Human Development.”

Susannah is a pioneer in personalized learning and a leading expert in bringing student-centered pedagogy to life. Using her proven process, she has coached and guided schools to develop and implement 100% individualized instruction worldwide while supporting change at the classroom, institutional, and legislative levels. Susannah has the unique ability to command and engage a room of a thousand educators while also connecting and empowering individuals, meeting them where they are for nearly 20 years in dozens of countries.

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Who's Involved

Individualized Realized

Meeting educators and organizations wherever they are on the personalized spectrum
Finding a path to follow in any journey boosts the possibility of a successful quest. Critical thinking guides humanity towards a global mindset that is logical, empathetic, and brave even through challenges and biases. Having the discipline to use specific strategies as a means to cultivate our minds and actions blazes the trail towards an enlightened and reasonable end where we might find exquisite truth. Stories of bringing individualized learning to life...


  • Leading expert in student-centered learning practices

  • World-class keynote and small group presenter

  • Developed and implemented 100% individualized instruction

  • Facilitated education workshops in more than 20 countries and in hundreds of schools

Recent Media



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Many talk of
personalized learning,
very few put into practice

...and it really works!

In the evolving role of educator, the current and future goal is to nurture stronger thinkers to live alongside in our global community.  Through eight years in development, graduate action research, and two years of practical application in a co-working classroom, students are working explicitly and implicitly on critical thinking strategies that are threaded through 100% individualized curricula.

How far does it go?

This conversation focuses on examples of student work in a case study format that makes visible the processes and specific practices for critical thinking used in all facets of this style of learning.


Individualizing Individualized

One of the most enigmatic and elusive facets of education is “individualization”, or teaching to and for each student. Is individualization truly feasible in a classroom? Yes! Having ten or more different Individualized Curricula in a learning environment can happen, does not require huge chunks of extra time, and can have meaningful impact on student learning.  Focused on helping students ask quality questions filtered through critical thinking skills, individualized instruction can reveal great brilliance through the chaos. In this active work, walk through the logistics of managing it all, and see how you can build individualization into any classroom.

Professional Development

Overview of individualizing
Individualized training on how to implement this work into personal or organizational systems

Preliminary open source tools to use
  • 1/2 Day, 1-2 Full Day(s),
  • One Week PD
  • In-Class Coaching

Speaking and Offering Topics

  • Personalized Learning Strategies

  • Unlocking Learning Variability

  • Dreaming BIG: Focusing Change That Works for You

  • What School Could Be Transformation Models and each step in deep dives

  • Connecting to Purpose: Past, Present, Future Thinking

  • Critical Thinking for Education

  • AI for Personalized Learning

  • Customized to move your learning community forward

Global Individualized Learning

Ongoing adjunct faculty work to include training/co-working for teachers and instruction with a cohort of students; access to consultations, feedback, tools, and individualized development of your program; connection to additional global partners as needed/desired

1-3 Year contracts with regularly scheduled on campus/in-house work with specified faculty and students
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